What Are The Best Niches for TikTok? Here Are 13+ Great Ideas for 2024

What are the best niches for TikTok, and how do you decide which one is right for you? I’ll share 13 of the best niches for TikTok, along with actionable tips for choosing the right niche for you.

Let’s take a look.

What Are The Best Niches for TikTok?

I’ve put together 13+ ideas to help you find the best TikTok niches for creating engaging content. Explore each of them below.

1. TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop

was launched in September 2023 in the United States and has since become a very popular niche. You can find this profitable niche in its own separate tab in the TikTok app.

If you decide that the TikTok Shop niche is the one for you, there are a variety of selling options you can take advantage of. TikTok provides creators with so many different ways to sell their product through its app. Followers can buy products directly from your videos, through in-feed live videos, and in the separate Shop tab.

The great part about TikTok Shop is that you can tailor your store to directly correspond to your content. You can sell physical items, online courses, TikTok creator merchandise, and more.

Here’s an example: If you’re an artist and you post about your paintings on your TikTok account, you could start selling your paintings in your TikTok Shop. Whether you’re painting on TikTok live or posting vlogs of you creating your artwork, you can directly link your paintings in each video. This makes the shopping experience easy for your followers.

While this example is specific to the artwork niche, the concepts can be applied to any popular niche on TikTok.

One of the ways you can provide value to other TikTok users is by curating the latest trends on social media.

Many social media professionals and TikTok creators don’t always have time to scroll endlessly and discover the latest trends. This provides an opportunity for you to become a TikTok creator who presents the latest trends to them.

You can curate and present to other TikTok accounts the latest trending sounds, dance styles, memes, and more. This information will be particularly helpful for influencers, social media managers, and other industry professionals.

Once other TikTok creators know they can rely on you to make them look good in their own creative process, you will have an engaged audience that comes back to your content again and again.

3. Product Reviews

Turn your love for online shopping into a successful TikTok account!

Create short-form videos that include detailed product reviews of your latest discovery. With a creative editing style, you can make any product feel exciting.

Within this niche on TikTok, there are so many specific product categories you can focus on, like:

Home decor
Food content, like useful cooking products
Unique products that serve as helpful life hacks

Choose to create and post reviews about products you are genuinely interested in. This will help your content feel more authentic and trustworthy.

4. Food

Whether you love the cooking process or the experience of dining out, consider posting about food. The food niche on TikTok can help you reach a wider audience because everybody needs to eat!

best niches for TikTok

Within the food niche, determine who your target audience is. Are you catering to vegetarians, stay-at-home parents, or avid restaurant-goers? Share topics like cooking hacks, food styling tips, cooking techniques, and healthy eating tips.

Food can also be one of the best faceless TikTok niches with the help of some creative storytelling techniques. It’s one of the more visual TikTok niches, which makes it a great opportunity to engage your audience with exciting visuals that don’t include your face.

5. Business

What have you learned from your own business ventures? Become a TikTok star by sharing your experiences!

Whether you’re self-employed or work for a large corporation, you can share a variety of educational content within the business TikTok niche. This is another one of the best TikTok niches because there’s space for everyone to provide value.

Some followers will want to learn about being self-employed and making your own income. Some people who watch videos on the social media platform will want to learn how to get promoted, negotiate a raise with their boss, or expertly communicate with difficult coworkers.

Determine who your target audience is and what type of business advice you want to share, and start creating content from there. From losing $5,000 on a business idea to blogging in a broken-down sailboat, there is room for your story in the business TikTok niche.

6. Travel

When learning how to be a travel influencer, TikTok can be a very helpful platform for your success.

From growing your travel blog to attracting new subscribers to your YouTube channel, joining the travel niche on TikTok can help you build your audience.

best niches for TikTok

Within the travel TikTok niche, you can share:

Time-lapse videos of the beautiful view of a particular resort
Dining options in certain destinations
How to pack using only carry-on luggage, and more!

Additionally, the travel TikTok niche isn’t limited to long-haul travel. You could also post locally within your own city or state. Creators showcasing ideas for tourists who visit your hometown have had big success on TikTok.

Whether you’re sharing first-class airplane ticket reviews or helping your audience travel on a budget, you can find your own section within the travel TikTok niche.

7. Books

The BookTok hashtag on TikTok has one of the most engaged TikTok audiences.

This particular niche has already changed the way people buy, write, and sell books. Old books have joined current bestseller lists, and self-published authors have reached new levels of success. Behind these captivating stories is a highly engaged audience of ravenous readers.

The best part about creating content within the books niche on TikTok is that there are so many subsections of this one category.

Within the books TikTok niche, you can post about:

If you’re already an avid reader, posting about books is a great way to reach a broad audience. As someone who loves to read, this particular TikTok niche is my personal favorite!

8. Gaming

Turn your love for video games into a successful influencing career on TikTok!

The gaming TikTok niche is highly engaged. Whether you’re streaming yourself playing the actual game or sharing life hacks for each game, the gaming TikTok niche is ready to consume vast amounts of content.

While Twitch is the most popular gaming streaming platform, many TikTok creators use this popular social media platform to gain new followers.

9. Celebrity News

The celebrity news TikTok niche gives you the opportunity to provide value for your followers who don’t have the time or energy to keep up with all things pop culture.

Within the celebrity news TikTok niche, you can focus on a variety of specific topics like:

Celebrity relationships: dating timelines, breakups, and new couples
Reality tv recaps
Celebrity scandals
Breakdowns of historical pop culture events
Commentary on the latest celebrity news

Depending on how you style your videos, this could also be one of the highly successful faceless TikTok niches.

As someone who loves pop culture but can’t keep up with everything, I appreciate the other creators who curate this information for me. If you’re already an avid follower of celebrity news, turn this genuine interest into a following on TikTok!

10. Comedy

Do you like making people laugh? The comedy TikTok niche might be a fun and creative outlet for you!

This can include funny animal videos, comedy sketches, or stand-up comedy sets. Everyone has their own sense of humor, and the internet is a source of laughter for so many people.

In my personal opinion, there’s no better compliment than making someone laugh! If you can make people laugh with your videos, your audience will return to your page again and again.

Many creators have been able to turn this engaged TikTok presence into a comedy career outside of TikTok. You could be next!

11. Fitness

If you already have a personal interest in the gym and maintaining your physical health, the fitness TikTok niche might be right for you.

Within this TikTok niche, you can share:

Fitness tips
Gym outfit ideas
Best practices for recovery after a workout and other exercise-related topics.

People are always looking to improve their physical health, and you could be the creator that helps inspire them to do that!

12. Fashion

When you have a great personal style or a particular interest in clothing, posting in the fashion niche on TikTok could be right for you.

This is where you can offer styling advice, fashion inspiration, and specific outfit ideas.

best niches for TikTok

Fashion is also one of the most popular TikTok niches because there are endless opportunities for monetization. You can link your Amazon storefront, LTK profile, or even your eBay store. With every outfit you post, you have the opportunity to inspire your target audience and earn additional income.

Having engaging content in the fashion space can turn into lucrative income streams!

13. Sports

The sports niche on TikTok is a great niche for you if you’re already an engaged sports watcher.

Whether you prefer basketball, baseball, or racing, the sports niche is a great place for you to find a dedicated audience. Use your background knowledge in a particular sport to start one of these exciting sports TikTok accounts!

A few topics you could focus on within the sports niche include:

Game recaps
Highlight reels
Breakdown of the most famous sports scandals
Deep dives into particular players

You’re already watching the games, and this is your nudge to turn it into a successful TikTok career!

Tips for Choosing the Best TikTok Niches for You

We share our best tips below for helping you choose which of the top TikTok niches is right for you.

Consider Your Interests

When you’re trying to pick your own unique niche, consider the interests you currently have.

Your own interests can provide valuable insights into what you should create content about.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to explore your existing interests:

What type of content do I enjoy consuming in my free time?
What do I organically gravitate toward on social media?
Which topics am I already knowledgeable and interested in?
What would you like to learn more about and become an expert in?

Write down a list of your answers. Then, brainstorm how you can create engaging content on the topics you’ve written down. You’ll likely have answers on your list that correspond with the best TikTok niches we’ve already discussed above.

Research Hashtags

Understanding viral TikTok hashtags can help you boost the visibility of your videos on the platform and reach a more diverse audience.

TikTok’s Creative Center is a great option for conducting keyword research directly from the platform itself.


Review Existing Videos

Before you become overexcited and start creating TikTok content, research what’s already out there. Spend time scrolling through the videos that other creators have published.

Other niche accounts can help you get ideas for what works. You’ll also start to develop your own creative process for coming up with ideas and how you want your individual videos to look.

Determine what you think is quality content and identify gaps where you can create content that fills a need in the market. Reading the best TikTok captions can help you improve your own content creation process.

Determine Monetization Options

After you’ve determined which of the popular TikTok niches you’d like to pursue, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to make money with your TikTok account.

Here are a few ideas for how to make money online for beginners:

As you explore the many options for making money online, you’ll find the few hidden gems that work best for you and your content. For example, if selling your own merchandise doesn’t make sense for you, consider trying sponsored posts.

Keep experimenting until you find what works for you.

Finding The Best TikTok Niches

Each of the TikTok niches we’ve discussed provide value to your target audience in a variety of ways. Choosing the right one for your personal interests and talents will help you have success as a TikTok star. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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