New Year’s Resolution Products & 2024 Consumer Priorities

Every January, millions of people seize the opportunity to refocus their priorities by setting a New Year’s resolution. For many, this also means heading to Amazon to search for the perfect products to support their goals.

In this blog, we review January sales trends on Amazon to learn which products are most popular among resolution-focused shoppers and what those trends mean for ecommerce strategies throughout the year.

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New Year’s Resolutions: A Window Into Consumer Priorities

The products that people buy to support their resolutions provide unique insight into the deeper mental and emotional priorities that will influence purchase behavior for the rest of the year.

For ecommerce brands and retailers, this data delivers valuable insights with wide-reaching strategic impact:

Resolutions-related shopping is high-intent, with a strong likelihood of purchase. This creates a deep well of data filled with insights on your competitors – including whether new ones are emerging in your market, which ones shoppers choose over yours, and specific tactics the competition is using to drive sales.
New Year’s resolution purchases immediately reveal strong motivating factors likely to influence buying decisions as the year unfolds. Many products that resonate with consumers in January also see increased demand during the summer and in the lead-up to the holidays. Once you know what those products are for your customers, you can build brand loyalty by offering relevant products throughout the year.
Understanding which products are closely tied to shoppers’ 2024 goals informs inventory management and product strategy for the rest of the year. If a resolutions-related product sells well in January, it may be worth promoting during summer events like Prime Day or introducing complementary or upgraded versions to maintain customer interest and capitalize on established trends.

Amazon Sales Trends: New Year’s Resolution Products

According to a recent survey by Forbes Health, the most popular areas of focus for New Year’s resolutions in 2024 are fitness, finances, and mental health.

Top New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

Improve fitness (48%)
Improve finances (38%)
Improve mental health (36%)
Lose weight (34%)

Amazon Sales Trends: Fitness Equipment

Historically, exercise equipment and workout gear are among the products most affected by resolution-related buying trends. With fitness topping the list of this year’s resolutions, what does Amazon market data say about which fitness products are in this year?

Amazon search trends for the last 30 days provide insight into what consumers are looking for:

In the last 30 days on Amazon, there have been:

2.3M searches for treadmills

1M searches for home gyms

1.3M searches for yoga mats

2.2M searches for running shoes

1.3M searches for dumbbell sets

And 60-day sales data shows which products shoppers are choosing:

Amazon Insights: Workout Gear and Equipment

% YoY Sales Growth
Market Share Leader



Sunny Health & Fitness

Stationary bikes

Weight training



Note: Data Represents the period of November 13, 2023 – January 13, 2024, compared to the period of September 13, 2023 – November 12, 2023

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Amazon Sales Trends: Budget Planning Products

Price sensitivity was a major consumer trend in 2023, and it’s not subsiding in 2024.

85% of consumers say their spending has been affected by inflation

Source: Jungle Scout Consumer Trends Report

Financial improvement is a resolution for a large chunk of consumers this year. While budgeting apps are popular, Amazon data shows that a number of shoppers are looking for physical budget planners and savings binders – some of which are experiencing sales traction fueled by social media buzz.

In the last 60 days, Amazon sales of budget planners and binders are up 53% compared to the previous period.
In the last 30 days, there have been nearly 500k Amazon searches for budget planners, a 163% increase from the previous 30 days 

Amazon Sales Trends: Top-Selling Budget Planners, Last 60 Days

Skydue 100 Envelopes Challenge Binder
Sooez Marble Money Saving Binder
Nokingo Budget Planner & Monthly Bill Organizer
Nicooth Budget Binder with Envelopes
Gucabe 100 Envelope Challenge Binder

Note: Data Represents the period of November 13, 2023 – January 13, 2024, compared to the period of September 13, 2023 – November 12, 2023

Social Media Spotlight: Budget Planning Goes Viral

As inflation has affected the cost of everyday necessities, more and more people have taken to social media to talk budgeting.

Videos using #budgetplanner have over 428.9M views on TikTok
There are over 323k Instagram posts with #budgetplanner

One trend that has swept across social is the 100 Envelopes Challenge, where participants put a designated amount of money in an envelope each day for 100 days. The challenge took off as a way to gamify saving money, and its viral attention has produced incredible momentum for related products on Amazon.

Sales of 100 Envelopes Challenge binders are up 134% on Amazon in the last 60 days.

Amazon Search Trends: 100 Envelopes Challenge

Search Term
Search Volume
30-Day Trend

Saving challenge

Money saving challenge

Envelopes challenge

100 envelopes

100 envelopes challenges

100 envelopes money saving challenge


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Amazon Sales Trends: Mental Health Products

More than a third of resolution-setters are focused on mental health in 2024. Mental health priorities vary widely from person to person; some consumers may seek self-care and comfort items, while others may look for guided journals or products to foster creative expression.

A look at Amazon sales trends provides a better view of the way consumers are shopping to support their mental health resolutions.

Amazon Sales Trends: Mental Health & Comfort Products

Product Type
60-Day Sales Trend

Self-help/Wellness journals

Weighted blankets


Coloring books for adults

Painting, drawing & art supplies


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Trend to Watch: Dumbphones

As social media and technology flow into every part of our lives, trends around unplugging are beginning to surface. One that is slowly gaining attention is the resurgence of “dumbphones”: Phones that are limited to basic features such as calling and texting, without the abundance of apps that lead to hours of mindless – and often mentally draining – screen time.

In the last 30 days, Amazon searches for “non smart phone” are up 442%
In the last 30 days, Amazon searches for “non smart cell phones” are up 111%

Videos using #dumbphone have over 11.4M views on TikTok
Videos using #bringbackflipphones have over 59.9M views on TikTok

The lower price point of these phones compared to smartphones leads to a win-win for consumers who want to save money and limit screen time in pursuit of better mental health.

Year-over-Year Growth Trends in Amazon’s Dumbphone Market

Units Sold
Up 47% year-over-year

Up 26% year-over-year


As this niche emerges on Amazon, Samsung is leading the market, with other brands trailing far behind in market share.

Market Share Leaders in Amazon’s “Dumbphone” Market

Samsung – 53%
Kyocera – 17%
TCL – 3%
Tracfone – 3%
LG – 1%

Consumers’ Resolutions Provide Brands with a Roadmap for the Months Ahead

The start of a new year is a unique opportunity to get to know your customer’s mind on a deeper level; To go beyond sales figures, and get at shared values, priorities, and emotions that create ironclad connections between your brand and the consumer – and Amazon is one of the most valuable channels for doing so.

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Beyond highlighting the goals consumers are setting for themselves, New Year’s resolutions connect to personal aspirations and emotional influences outside of day-to-day shopping. With a thoughtful approach, ecommerce brands and retailers can use this insight to foster new levels of brand loyalty.

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