How To Start Live Streaming

Streaming has become the most popular and convenient way to reach a wider audience in today’s digital scenario. The amazing thing is that you don’t need to be a tech expert to get started with streaming. With a little knowledge and the right types of equipment, you can easily become a content creator and share your inborn passion with the world by streaming, no matter which corner of the globe you are in.

Keeping this in mind, numerous creators are learning stream and creating a streaming setup to get into the industry. Despite streaming reaching a fever pitch, it will trend for a longer period and not be saturated since multitudinous niches captivate viewers based on their interests.

So, are you thinking of live-streaming but wondering how to start streaming as a beginner? This streaming for beginners guide is a quick comprehensive outlook that will help you achieve your dream by describing the basic streaming setups you need, the best live-streaming platforms, and some amazing tips for starting streaming and let you know how to be a streamer and be a pro at it. 

What is a Basic Streaming Setup?

As you begin to set up the streaming, you will realize that there’s a host of technology working backstage. This host of technologies is required for accurate implementation to bring your exceptional twist of entertainment to your internet community.

The following list covers the streaming accessories and hardware you need as the best way to start streaming as a beginner. In case you’re still wondering, what do I need to start streaming? Have a checklist of the accessories given below:

1. Camera

Owning a high-quality streaming camera is a must for content creators. If you need to deliver quality content, a top-of-the-line camera with a high frame rate of at least 30 frames per second is required. Moreover, other features like ISO performance for capturing high-quality images in dim-light environments and a proper budget must also be considered. If you are experimenting with live streaming as a beginner, then a webcam or even your phone’s camera will do an amazing job. 

2. The Perfect Streaming Software

It captures, encodes, and streams videos from multiple input and output sources, such as cameras and microphones. To have a successful live-streaming, you need features for mixing multiple sources, adding graphics, encoding for different formats, and distributing the streaming content to popular apps such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Your choice of the right live streaming platform will be based on the objective of your stream, the type of your content, the size of the audience, the level of interactivity, and the goal of monetization.  

3. Microphone

Your voice is quite significant while live streaming to make your content more engaging. To ensure that you’re perfectly audible and your voice is clear and crisp, you need to own a high-quality microphone for your streaming setup. You can choose from a wide range of microphones, like budget-friendly USB microphones or highly professional XLR microphones.   

4. Computer

A common yet crucial piece of equipment for streaming in time is your computer. Your computer serves as the spine of your streaming setup. Our desktop or laptop, equipped with a powerful processor, sufficient RAM, and a reliable graphics card, will ensure that your stream functions seamlessly. 

5. An Uninterrupted  Internet Connection

To facilitate seamless streaming, you need a fast and reliable internet connection. The idea is to use a wired connection, but a high-quality Wi-Fi connection will also do the job. The faster and more efficient your internet connection, the better your streaming performance will be.  

6. Accessories and Extra Gear

Apart from the above-discussed accessories of what you need to start streaming as a beginner, there are certain other things to stream.

Lighting, like a small camera light for quick shots. For instance, The Lumimuse 3 is a rechargeable LED light that can easily fit in your pocket and is perfect for mobile live streaming.

Another important accessory is the ring light, which comes with a smartphone-compatible tripod and three color temperatures. If you’re an admirer of ring lights, you can go for the one that comes with a phone mount and adjustable stand.

What are the Live Streaming Platforms?

When choosing a live streaming platform, the primary considerations are the type of content you intend to create and the type and size of the audience you’re aspiring to reach.

Let’s explore some of the most popular live-streaming platforms for you to go live:

1. YouTube Live

YouTube is the world’s most popular and extensive live-streaming platform, with billions of active users. It’s widely acclaimed for its searchability and algorithmic recommendations, which will help your content reach a larger and more diverse audience. YouTube also has built-in monetization options. However, on YouTube, content moderation can be strict and restricted. 

2. Facebook Live

Facebook is another well-known live-streaming platform for broadcasting a conversation, performance, or virtual event. Just go live and connect with your community effortlessly.

3. X (Twitter) Live

The live streaming feature of X (Twitter) enables you to broadcast live videos to your followers.   X’s live streaming has several beneficial features, as it enables you to tag your location and schedule a prompt live stream in time and also in advance. X can be the best place to report your live news.

4. Instagram Live

You can build a greater community by live streaming live on Instagram. You can easily go live via your mobile app. Instagram has an excellent desktop streaming feature known as Live Producer, which is accessible to those who have a professional Instagram account. While going live, you can even add up to three guests to your Instagram livestream.

5. Twitch

Initially started as a gaming platform, Twitch has expanded to include content creators of all niches. To have a greater command over an audience, Twitch can be a great live streaming platform.


Kick’s live streaming platform is quite similar to YouTube Live and Facebook Live. It is built with a new feature that enables creators to stream games with friends or form a team, no matter where they are.  

7. Behance

If art is your passion, then Behance live streaming is the ideal platform for you.  As an artist or designer, you can go livestream using Adobe. You can even post projects that other users can like and share across the web. 

Expand Your Reach With Multistreaming

Multistreaming is a way of broadcasting live video content to more than one platform simultaneously. You can also call it simulcasting. Let’s assume you are to get streaming to your Instagram channel and decide to stream the content on YouTube at the same time.

OnTheFly is the best multistreaming platform for you. With just three steps, you can effortlessly broadcast your live video content on any social platform simultaneously and in real time. You can take your content to billions of viewers—just connect to OnTheFly, add social platforms, and go live on all the platforms.

More Tips on How to Start Streaming

Now that you know how to be a successful streamer, let into some bonus streaming tips on how to start streaming: 

1- Confidence is the key, so make sure to show it in your face, gestures, and voice. Although confidence is gained through experience, a little effort from every livestream can make you a pro.

2- Engage and communicate with your audience. If you have a good conversation packed with confidence and a touch of humor, your audience will turn into followers.

3- Always take it as a game and learn from your competitors. To establish yourself as one of the live streaming pros, learn from the competitors and implement it in your live streaming.


Live streaming is becoming more popular every day.  Industries and brands are taking initiatives to promote their products with live streaming. So, if you aspire to seek your passion and be one of the best streamers, take the first step today. 

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