How to Get More Followers on Facebook: 20+ Ways (2024)

It’s no secret that a brand needs followers to thrive on Facebook.

More followers translate to broader reach, greater engagement, and increased opportunities for conversion.

So, how do you gain new followers? Below are 20+ ways to grow your Facebook audience:

1. Run engagement ads

To boost your Facebook followers, the first strategy often considered is Facebook ads.

You can start with engagement ads, which are designed to encourage user interaction on Facebook.

To make the most of these ads, focus on crafting compelling creative content that resonates with your audience.

2. Invite people to like your page

A simple yet effective strategy to gain more Facebook followers is to invite people to like your page.

When you run engagement ads, Facebook often suggests inviting individuals who interact with your ads. Starting with friends and family is a good approach, as they can help spread the word about your page.

However, it’s important to vary the frequency of your invitations to avoid being temporarily blocked by Facebook.

3. Post share-worthy content

Posting memes, funny clips, and quotes that really resonate on Facebook business pages can seriously boost engagement.

This type of content taps into the emotions and interests of your audience, making them more likely to follow your brand.

Take Chubbies as an example. This online shop gets a lot of attention by making laugh-out-loud videos. They have one where they talk about how annoying pants can be, all to show off their shorts.

This particular video got 309 likes and 128 shares, demonstrating the effectiveness of engaging content in attracting followers to a brand.

4. Host a giveaway

Giveaways are a simple, low-cost way to catch people’s attention and draw new visitors to your Facebook page.

Set up your giveaway on your website using a platform like Rafflecopter. To boost participation, make rules that encourage people to engage. For example, ask participants to tag a friend in your giveaway post and to make their own post to enter.

Facebook giveaway increase followers

It’s also a good idea to share your giveaway on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. By doing this, you can connect with different communities and reach potential participants who may not be following you on Facebook yet.

5. Experiment with different content types

If, at any point, you struggle to get followers or engagement, consider mixing up your content. Try various types like videos or images to see what resonates best with your audience.

Experimenting helps you identify what content performs well. For example, you might find that videos receive more likes and shares than plain text updates.

Based on these insights, adjust your posting strategy accordingly. Focus more on the content that garners a positive response, and refine or reduce the frequency of less successful posts. This approach keeps your audience engaged and interested in your page.

6. Try Facebook Live

Have you ever considered hosting live broadcasts on your own Facebook page? The Facebook Live feature makes this possible.

You can access Facebook Live directly through your Facebook page. Simply navigate to the Page where you host the live stream, tap the Live button, add a description, and tap Start Live Video to start your broadcast.

Consider various types of content for Facebook live videos, such as product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes looks, Q&A sessions, or live events. This diversity will keep your audience engaged and convert more viewers into followers.

7. Partner with an influencer

The secret to more Facebook followers sometimes lies in influencer partnerships.

Influencers have dedicated social media audiences, and they can help expose your brand to a wider range of potential followers.

You don’t necessarily need to pursue established influencers. Consider collaborating with smaller, more tight-knit influencers or niche fan pages for impactful results.

To learn more about working with influencers, read our guide The Complete Guide to Getting Started With Influencer Marketing.

8. Get shoutouts

Getting organic shoutouts from bigger Facebook pages can help you get more Facebook followers. 

To get a shoutout, look for brands who regularly feature their customers or other non-competing businesses on social media sites

Then pick the brands that have audiences similar to yours, or that at least are somewhat related. 

For instance, if you sell watches, you might post a picture of your watch with another brand’s sunglasses, tagging the brand in the picture. This could encourage it to share your post with its audience. 

Here’s an example of Samsung sharing a picture taken on its phone that a customer posted on their Facebook page:

facebook followers tag

9. Post at the optimal time

Making an impact on Facebook isn’t just about what you post, but also when you post it.

People are active at different times, so understanding your specific audience’s schedule is crucial. Research and analytics can show you when your followers are most likely to be online—maybe it’s early morning before work, during lunch breaks, or late in the evening.

Tailor your posting schedule to these peak times to ensure your content has the best chance of being seen and engaged with.

You’d be surprised by how many new store owners forget to add their social media links to their website. 

Depending on your theme, your social icons might be in the header, the footer, or a sidebar menu.

website social media links

 If you want to emphasize their placement, you can contact a Shopify expert or use HeyCarson to get some minor development work done.

11. Use your email list

To boost your Facebook followers organically, consider leveraging your existing email list.

You can include your Facebook page URL in your emails and encourage subscribers to follow.

If you’re using Shopify, you can access your email list through the Shopify dashboard under Customers > Email Subscribers.

12. Create video content

Video marketing on Facebook usually gets higher levels of engagement than pictures or text-based posts. As a result, more people will view your content. 

The more viewers and Facebook likes you get, the higher the chance that your content will get found by potential new Facebook followers. 

Craft videos that offer behind-the-scenes looks or provide useful tutorials. This type of content makes your brand more relatable and encourages viewers to press the Follow button.

Big ecommerce brands sometimes miss the chance to chat with their customers. This gives smaller retailers an advantage in building connections.

To capitalize on this, make your interactions personal and heartfelt. Inject humor and thoughtful responses into your comments and messages. Showcase user-generated content to express gratitude toward your community. And regularly ask for feedback and suggestions to demonstrate that you’re listening.

14. Create a Facebook group

A Facebook group is a powerful tool for building a community around your brand or interest.

You can create your own Facebook group to gather your target audience in one place, share insights, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Make sure to set rules for your group to ensure respectful and constructive interactions. This helps in fostering a positive environment for all members.

15. Join Facebook groups

Joining niche Facebook groups places you directly in front of your target audience.

This access allows you to discover their needs, concerns, and what they value or dislike.Plus, you get to answer questions and respond with thoughtful insights. This visibility can lead others in the group to notice and follow you for more details

16. Add hashtags to your posts

While hashtags are often associated with Twitter or Instagram, they’re also effective on Facebook for boosting your follower count.

There are two main ways to use hashtags: directly, like #fashion for a fashion-related post, or by targeting a specific audience, similar to Swatch’s strategy.

In the post below, Swatch uses the hashtag #SwatchPOWEROFNATURE to engage users interested in nature-themed designs.

17. Lean on Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is an analytics dashboard for tracking the performance of a Facebook business page.

It breaks down how your posts are performing and the way people are engaging with your page.

Tap into Facebook Insights to learn what grabs your followers’ attention and what might need a shake-up.

Pro tip: Don’t just look at the numbers. Try connecting with people who comment on your posts. Ask them what they like or what they’d want to see more of.

18. Offer a coupon

The main reason to get Facebook followers is to boost sales. With the Facebook Likes Popup app, you can give customers a coupon when they like your page.

You gain a new audience member, and the customer gets a discount on their purchase. It’s win-win.

This app works great if you’re looking to beef up your Facebook posts with social proof and score some sales along the way.

19. Get tagged by customers

If you’re an ecommerce business, you can ask customers who have opted into marketing communications to tag your brand in their social media posts.

This is a way to leverage customer-generated content for authentic brand endorsements.

While the reach may be narrower, the authenticity and trust generated through such personal shares can significantly increase your follower count.

20. Improve your page’s discoverability

You don’t want potential followers to give up on finding your page because it’s too hard to locate. While some might dig deeper, many will stop trying if they don’t find you quickly.

Make sure your Facebook page easy to find by taking the following steps:

Pick a username that’s easy to remember.
Put a clear, recognizable picture as your profile image.
Fill in every part of your profile with keywords related to your business.
Regularly update your page with fresh content and respond to comments.

Bonus tip: Get verified

It’s common to hear stories of people stumbling across fake accounts on Facebook. These accounts often spread misinformation or attempt scams, leading users to become skeptical of new and unfamiliar pages.

Verifying your page can help you overcome this skepticism. Verified pages get a badge that signals to users that an account is authentic and recognized by Facebook. This encourages people to trust and follow your page.

Facebook verified page

To request a Facebook verification badge, simply fill out and submit this form.

Ready to boost your follower count?

Now you have the lowdown on how to increase followers on Facebook. 

There have been a lot of big changes happening at Facebook over the past few months, but that doesn’t make Facebook any less of a powerhouse. 

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It’s still the most popular social platform. And its count of 3.05 billion monthly active users is no joke. 

These users can translate into huge growth opportunities if you play your cards right.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you gain Facebook followers so you can keep smashing your business goals.

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