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What’s in an online store name? Quite a bit, actually.

A great store name sets the stage. In the crowded digital marketplace, it’s your spotlight. A unique name stands out and stays in customers’ minds when they shop.

Need help finding that name? This guide is your best bet. Below, you’ll find name generators, business name ideas, and helpful tips to help you secure a catchy, meaningful name for your store.

Best online store name generators

Brainstorming meaningful online shop name ideas can be daunting. It often seems as though all the good store names are taken.

To spark fresh inspiration, try these seven business name generator tools. Use their suggestions or pick a name that stands out to you.

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 1. Oberlo

Oberlo business name generator

Oberlo’s business name generator is a free tool designed for aspiring online stores. Enter a keyword and the tool generates hundreds of name suggestions. Browse the list and pick one that matches your brand identity.

Once you’ve chosen a name, verify its .com domain availability. This feature simplifies the initial steps of setting up your new business.

2. Shopify

shopify business name generator

Shopify’s free business name generator offers instant shop name suggestions. Type in a keyword, click “Generate names,” and you’ll be greeted with a variety of options for your online store. Whether you envision a name with a modern twist or a classic vibe, the tool aids in crafting your brand’s identity.

Shopify also organizes name suggestions for clarity. If your niche is apparel, you’ll find categories like clothing or fashion. For those into handcrafted items, there are sections dedicated to crafts and flowers. 

When a name catches your eye, you can quickly secure its domain through Shopify. It’s a straightforward path for new shop owners to get started and begin their sales journey.

3. Namelix 


Namelix taps into artificial intelligence to give you creative online store names and logo ideas. Add a keyword, or a few, and Namelix presents a list of snappy, brandable business names. It also indicates if a matching domain is available.

4. Getsocio


Getsocio’s free business name generator offers a quick way to discover online store names. Enter a keyword and it provides thousands of suggestions, each showing domain name availability.

While you can easily find inspiration or select a name on the spot, it’s worth noting that domains come with a suffix, not the traditional .com. 

5. Hipster Business Name

If you’re looking for unconventional online store names, give Hipster Business Name a consideration. This tool provides fun, catchy name ideas that are perfect for opening a store in a place like Brooklyn, New York. Want more online business name ideas? Just click Refresh. If you’re on the hunt for a distinctive name, this tool can surely spark your creativity.

6. FreshBooks

FreshBooks’ name generator makes it easy to find a name for your online store. Simply click Let’s Get Started, then choose from categories like marketing, legal services, and IT, depending on your  industry.

The online shop name generator also prompts you to provide keywords you want to include in your online store name. It then comes up with a list of name ideas based on your input. If none seem right, you can generate again or head back and adjust your selections.

7. Anadea

Anadea’s business name maker simplifies naming your online store. Start with a descriptive word for your shop, plug it into the generator, and click “Generate names.” You’ll instantly get more than 20 unique store name suggestions.

As you explore the options, you can adjust your keyword to see different results. Once a name grabs your attention, Anadea provides the next steps, giving you a quote for domain registration and website setup.

8. Looka

Looka store name generator

Looka’s store name generator is designed to help you quickly brainstorm and select business names. It generates diverse name options, checks domain availability, and suggests logos.

To use it effectively, enter a keyword related to your business into the search bar. Choose from traditional, invented, or compound names based on your preference. Once you find a name you like, Looka will help you check if the domain and social media handles are available. This allows you to swiftly move forward with establishing your brand.

Tips for selecting a memorable online store name

Choosing the right ecommerce business name is crucial for success. As brand strategist Jonathan Bell mentions in his TED Talk, a well-chosen name “stands for a big idea” that embodies the essence of the brand. Below are a few tips on how to find a catchy, meaningful name for your store. 

1. Conduct market research

Begin your journey with a thorough market analysis. Identify the online shop names that competitors have adopted. Understanding their choices isn’t just about avoiding replication—it’s about spotting gaps and opportunities. 

Let’s say you’re in the eco-friendly clothing business. You might discover that many brands lean on terms like “green,” “eco,” or “sustainable.” Instead of following suit, consider unique terms like “earthwear,” “biocloth,” or “nature-fit.” 

This approach not only sets your brand apart, but also sparks curiosity. Customers intrigued by your distinctive name might explore your offerings more eagerly.

2. Opt for something short and memorable

A short online name is powerful: it’s easy to remember and say, and it looks good on your store’s homepage. 

But as more brands pop up daily, finding a unique name gets tougher. Still, there’s a lot of room to find a catchy name for your store.

Here are a few methods you can try:

Invent a word: Look at how brands like Google, Zoom, and Shopify created unique names. You can do that too.
Pair short words: Use a combination of short words that either rhyme or have a similar starting sound, like “Tech Deck.”
Go personal: Your nickname, your pet’s name, or even your own name can be the foundation for a memorable store name.

3. Consider your online presence 

Once you’ve narrowed down store name options, check the availability of a .com domain. The popularity of the .com TLD often makes securing one a challenging task.

Every professional ecommerce store needs a unique domain name. However, don’t let the search for the perfect domain slow you down.

Additionally, consider expanding to platforms like Amazon or Etsy. Before you do, verify your store name on these platforms. This step is crucial to prevent any unintended brand mix-ups with existing businesses. 

4. Differentiate yourself 

If the .com domain for your preferred name isn’t available, there’s no need to worry. Numerous other domain extensions are gaining popularity and becoming increasingly recognizable to consumers.

For instance, Shopify store Pela opted for the .ca domain, emphasizing its connection and commitment to Canadian values and customers.

While the allure of a .com domain is undeniable, what truly matters is a well-designed website that offers an excellent user experience. Sometimes, a distinctive domain can work to your advantage by making your brand memorable.

Alternative TLDs to contemplate:

Product-specific TLD (e.g., .watches, .paintings)
Brand-centric TLD (e.g., for Zest Health Supplements or for Radiance Fashion Line)

Modifiers worth considering: 

[YourBrand][KeyProduct].com (e.g.,
Shop[YourBrand].com (e.g.,
Grab[YourProduct].com (e.g.,
[YourBrand] (e.g.,
[YourBrand][Sector].com (e.g.,
[Action][YourBrand].com (e.g.,
[My/Your][YourBrand].com (e.g.,

5. Seek new inspiration

Still searching for online store name ideas? Sometimes, all it takes is a thematic approach to spark your creativity. Consider themes that resonate with your niche or evoke nostalgia. Tune in to social media discussions, explore online communities, and listen to the conversations of those around you. Remember that inspiration can strike from unexpected sources.

100 online store name ideas for your brand

Explore this curated list of example business names for inspiration when naming your own online store.

Eco-friendly and sustainable online store name ideas

Earthy Elements
Green Glade
Terra Trends
Pure Pine
Ocean Oasis
Clean Crafted
Solar Sky Shop
Nature Niche

Homeware and lifestyle online store name ideas

StoreHook Home
Decor Domain
Seaside Styles
Merchant Aisle
New Life Living
Harbour Haven
Offmarket Oasis
ShopHouse Hub
Discovers Den
Lifestyle Loft

Stylish clothing and fashion online store name ideas

Vogue Valley
MyStyle Market
UpTrend Threads
Rummage Rack
Thrift Threads

Food and beverage online store name ideas

Takeaway Tastes
Krispy Krate
Bevbox Brews
Snackish Shop
Orderdine Delight
Online Brewing Co.
Mealprep Market
Tasteful Treasures
Lunchon Lane
Boxies Bites

Homeware and lifestyle online store name ideas

Harbour Haven
Offmarket Oasis
ShopHouse Hub
New Life Living

Beauty and cosmetics online store name ideas

Retina Online
Opulera Organics
New Way
Dazzling Defiant

Health and wellness online store name ideas

Wellbeing World
Fitness Frontier
Organic Oasis
Vital Vista
Balance Barn
PurePath Shop

Children and toys online store name ideas

Kiddo Kingdom
Toy Terrain
Little Luminary
Dreamy Den
Fun Frontier
Child’s Chateau
Munchkin Meadow
Youth Yard

Books and literature online store name ideas

Bibliophiles Boutique
Novel Nook
Literary Lounge
Fable Farm
Epic Empire Editions
Prose Place
StorySphere Shop
Verse Vault
Read & Roam Retail
Storybook Station

Cool and hipster online store name ideas

Blue Mountain Shop
Vintage Vibe
Urban Echo
Citadel Crafts
Maximo & Co.
Resonance Realm
East End Emporium
Futura Finds
Park City Place
Blackbird Boutique

How to choose the perfect shop name

Finding the perfect shop name is an art. Try online business name generator tools when you’re out of ideas or hit a creativity wall. But don’t forget: Daily life is rife with inspiration.

Do the following to find catchy online store names:

Research the market

See what names are already in use. Take note of the ones you admire, they might spark your unique idea. Also, a competitive analysis can give you insights into what your rivals are doing.

Let your imagination run wild 

While brainstorming, remember: Every idea counts. Even the quirky ideas might lead to a brilliant store name. By thinking broadly at the start, you’ll have a wealth of options to refine later.

Seek help 

Brainstorming thrives in company. Whether you consult your business team, friends, or family, fresh perspectives can often lead to that aha moment. 

Refine your list

Review your creative business name ideas. Sort them, categorize by themes, or create word banks. Often, revisiting your initial list can trigger new, exciting names.

Get feedback

Use a focus group that mirrors your target audience. Discuss with friends, family, or even local shoppers. Their reactions will show which names have the most appeal.

Pro tip: Once you nail down your store’s name, explore our handpicked ecommerce website design examples. They’ll give you a vision of your future online store’s potential look.

A list of 5 great online store names for inspiration

The best ecommerce sites share a unique trait: a cool online store name. Explore the following list of online shop names to spark ideas for your own digital storefront. 

1. Pipcorn


“Pipcorn” cleverly reflects its product: mini heirloom popcorn kernels. The name, concise and catchy, paints a clear picture: small kernels with a big taste. It succinctly captures the brand’s journey—from a surprise find in a cabinet to a beloved brand—and underlines its unique identity in the snack world.

2. Cocofloss

best online store names: cocofloss

Cocofloss rejuvenates dental hygiene, turning flossing from a chore into a treat. With a nod to “coconut,” the name radiates a tropical, eco-friendly vibe. Beyond cleaning gaps, Cocofloss creates bonds—uniting a community passionate about oral care. With such a breezy name, every floss session becomes a cheerful nod to healthier grins.

3. Death Wish Coffee

Hearing “Death Wish Coffee” instantly suggests a brew that’s not for the faint-hearted. The online store’s name grabs attention and aligns perfectly with its brand messaging. Across its website and other marketing channels, the copy encourages people to try the product and see if it truly lives up to its claim.

4. Cotopaxi


“Cotopaxi” serves a dual purpose as a name. It represents a revered active volcano in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains and an online store peddling outdoor gear. Instead of fabricating a name, Cotopaxi chose one deriving from a notable landmark that resonated with its target audience. The brand even presents the tale behind its name on its website.

5. Fuego Box

Subscription brands like BarkBox, Birchbox, and NatureBox flaunt the word “box” proudly. Then there’s Fuego Box, a hot sauce brand. It takes the familiar “box” and mixes it with “fuego,” Spanish for “fire.” This blend not only sparks curiosity but also perfectly captures the essence of its spicy offerings. It’s clever naming that sets this Shopify store apart.

From ideas to identity

Choosing a name for your online store is more than just a creative exercise—it’s about  forging your brand’s identity. A memorable name becomes the handshake of your business, easy to share and recall. Approach this task with an open mind, and you might just find a name that resonates, sparks conversations, and drives that priceless buzz.

Store name ideas FAQ

How do I name my small business?

Think about the message your name should send to customers.
Check if the names you like are available.
Brainstorm with friends or family for more ideas.
Focus on what sets your brand apart.
Choose a name that’s short and easy to remember.
List your ideas and review them carefully.
Test the top names to see how they resonate with potential customers.

How do I come up with a catchy business name?

Try a business name generator.
Smash different words together.
Use acronyms.
Be original.
Throw in a word from another language.
Take inspiration from everyday things (pets, fruits, etc.).
Use your own name.

What are some unique business name ideas?

Mystic Moon Wellness Center
Thunderbolt Fitness Studio
Whispering Paws Pet Spa
Neon Nectar Juice Bar
Enchanted Eats Catering
Stellar Stitch Embroidery
Coastal Charm Vacation Rentals

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